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1963 Kim Malmquist was born i Soeul, South Korea, but was raised in Sweden from the age of seven. It was from this age he started to play the piano.

1986-1990 he studied classical piano at Nordic Music Conservatory

1987 he was awarded the Royal Swedish Academy of Music Gottfrid Boonstipendium.

1991 he performed two of his early piano pieces, Fragment and Ostinato that were broadcasted on National Swedish Radio P2.

1991-1993 he studied conducting for Professor Jorma Panula at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

1995-1997 studied and graduated as a conductor at the Conservatoire Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris Alfred Cortot.

1997 started the string orchestra Playful Strings, later renamed Stockholms Stringorchestra wich mainly performed classical music.

1998-1999 he studied composition for Sven-David Sandström at the Gotland School of Music Composition.

1999 conducter at Orchestre de l´Ópéra-théâtre de Massy in Paris.

1999-2001 Conductor at The Gotland Music Windorchestra

1999 Conducter at Stockholm Windsymphonist

2000 orchestrationwork at Oslo Opera House

2005 he released the album Fragile Water.

2009 he released the album The magic Theater based on the novel Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse.

2010 he founded the choir school Vasastan Choiracademy.

2011 he released the album Luminessence,

2011 his compositon ”Light reflecting on a window” was the music to the ballet Untitled Transient, coreografed by Emery LeCrone and performed by the New York City Ballet dancer Max van der Sterre at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center.

2012 he performed his own piano compositions at the Samsung gala in Seoul,

2012 he conducted Kjell Peders work: Höga Visan, with Stockholm String orchestra, Hannah Holgersson (sopranosolist), Tove Dahlber (mezzosoprano) in a live broadcast at National Swedish Radio P2.

2013 he composed the music for the international award winning movie "Reset".

2015 he conducted Vasastan Choir Academy 5th aniversary at Stockholm Concerthouse.

2017 he released the album Earth memories.

2022 Several of his compositions have also been adapted for piano, strings and percussion and they were performed in Stockholm among the work of other modern classical composers as Philip Glass, Ludovico Enaudi and Ivan Trevino.

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